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15 ponytail hairstyles for men to look smart and stylish

Ponytail hairstyles for men

The trend of acceptance of the ponytail in the hairstyle for men has been prevalent for decades. It is well known that ponytail hairstyle exists since the era of the 80s. Since its creation, the hairstyle has become famous, and even women are portrayed. A ponytail hairstyle is essentially a hairstyle in which the hair becomes long and is separated into two distinct parts, which are then joined by a knot on the head, whereby the hair hangs like a ponytail.

Knowing how to make ponytail hairstyles for men is pretty straightforward, with a man just having to pick up the hair and then gently tie a knot over the base. If you want a long ponytail, let the long hair hang down. It is known that one has short ponytails, just cuts the hair in short length and knots, as well as trims the ends unevenly to improve the style.

Straight hair with ponytail

If the cut seems reasonably straightforward, men are known to have few options if they accept a straight back haircut for men’s hair. In addition, a back undercut is essentially an ordinary style, and currently every barber should recognize how he can be used. In this hairstyle men usually need moderately short hair to create a ponytail with a matching back.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Short ponytail with French Braid

The French braid for short hairstyles on ponytail base is best for trips or beach. It is well known that this ponytail style is one of the most unique, and in this hair the top is divided into two distinct segments with the different sides tightly attached. In addition, the two cut sides on the back are braided by a French Man bun. A braided French fleece man’s braid uses all the hair above the top of the head to leave a single braid over the middle part of the head. An advantage of the current type of man’s pigtail is that men can effortlessly dissolve the French braid and return to naturally combed hair within minutes.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Very short ponytail with beard

This hairstyle is recommended for men who have a beard, and the size of the ponytail is small. It is known that this is usually one of the finest ponytail hairstyles, with the hair mostly being styled within a ponytail over the top back by a visible visible side panel. Moreover, the sideburns connect the beard line directly to finish the style. Based on the selection of trendy hairstyles with beard, this hairstyle is unique and stylish compared to others.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Ponytail covered

This hairstyle for a ponytail is a cool style that emphasizes not only the hair color but also your facial features. This ponytail hairstyle is known to have dark brown hair accumulated in a high ponytail style. The ponytail is essentially turned upside down, and only a few strands of hair have been collected on the ears for added texture and masculine appearance. In addition, when men have some kind of tattoo, applying this hairstyle is considered a dazzling way to represent the new style.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Hair turned with ponytail

In this hairstyle, the hair is usually swept towards the back of the head. In addition, there is a twist in the ponytail style. The shoulder length of hairstyles for men does not have to be messed up, or you need to make braided masterpieces that require consistent styling. With this hairstyle you have to focus on a twist that is applied to the ponytail. In addition, you can easily relieve by the laterally curved appearance, whereby the hair can fall by itself. Through this style, it is best to stay away from anything that can not harm the natural appearance. So you do not need to do anything like a center parting that complements the rigid and planned finish.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Undercut ponytail

In this hairstyle, the concept is used that unexpected contrasting patterns, textures and silhouettes distinguish the lay layman from the experienced. This effect applies to hair. The undercut of a ponytail is done so that the sharp edge of a line next to a blurred transition or a significant side fire improves the efficiency of a full beard. It is known that a strong combination represents a dissimilarity between long hair and short undercut.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Long hair with a slender ponytail

Longer curls used by men often do not look trivial and nicey, especially if cared for properly. These are essentially long hairstyles that can be smooth for long curly hair and would not work for more than a few minutes of your precious time in the styling process. The style used is that you need to have soft and straight hair so that the ponytail will last for long hair.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Casual look with ponytail

If you are the one who wants a trendy and fashionable look, then you should opt for this ponytail style, as it is equipped with a unique concept. If you choose this hairstyle, you may not look official, but you will attract attention from friends and family and casual manner. It is well-known that this ponytail style is famous because only a few male personalities and celebrities opt for this hairstyle.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Two pigtails in ponytail

Men’s braids used today are not only applicable to men with long hair or shoulder length. Those men who wear the famous long tops with short laces, hair cuts, or even the extended upper undercuts assume how differently they can care for their longer hair tips. For this, braids are considered a natural answer. The hairstyle has the style of integrating two similar or different braids into a ponytail. If you are the man who is exhausted from the man’s bun and does not share the flexibility and concentration of long hair, now is the time to use braids with this hairstyle.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Ponytail with twisted knot

For the adoption of this hairstyle men usually need thick and long hair. You have to tie them together again into a ponytail. This flexible, cool hairstyle is considered a variant of the long, upper side of the hairstyle, which is short at the sides and likely reduces the consideration of the retracting hairline. With this hairstyle you need to twist the knot over your head and then tie the hair together to make a ponytail.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Voluminous ponytail for men

If you’re crazy about long hair after a big ponytail, opt for this hairstyle. In this case, you must handle your ponytail accordingly, as the hair is long, so there is a possibility that the ponytail will be opened. You can hold the long ponytail for several hours with the help of a few hairpins. Also make sure that you have less silky hair, otherwise the ponytail can be opened easily.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Shaved ponytail

It is as meaningful for a modern man as it is for a beautiful and modern woman to be fashionable, stylish, presentable and elegant. If someone meets, you’ll notice if you’ve shaved your eyes with shaving your ponytail. In this hairstyle, the ponytail is neatly tied and tidy. Luckily, the importance of a flattering hairstyle in your look is conveniently conveyed through this ponytail hairstyle.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Razor sides and ponytail

Most men’s hairstyles are made up of a mix of short sides and backs through longer hair. The fame of the ponytail in conjunction with the patched in the form of razor pages is increasing. In this hairstyle, the ponytail is first tied in the style of a smooth back and then razor cut on the sides. This form of hairstyle is considered one of the most modern and unique, as it pursues a new approach. The top is less than half an inch long, creating a low-maintenance style for men with different hair styles.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Curly ponytail hairstyle

The curly ponytail is currently considered a cool look. If you’re crazy about curls to be included in your ponytail, then opt for this hairstyle. When a man is born with the juicy curls, he is considered unique and happy. This is because many men have to use many techniques to get the curly appearance. It is known that it is difficult to maintain this hairstyle, but it is becoming more and more popular.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Viking inspired ponytail

Viking hairstyles are often characterized by thick, long hair above the head, as well as the back of the head and shaved sides. The result of this hairstyle is an attractive and strong appearance that is perfect for men with a strong personality. To rock this style, you need to apply some timely updates. To get a look that claims a high degree of personality in the absence of follicular need, men must opt ​​for a shaved head.

Ponytail hairstyles for men

Ponytail hairstyles for men is a completely different concept to give your hair a unique look. If the ponytails are shaped in different styles, they are easily adapted to your head. You can add some unique novelties to try different variants based on the ponytail.


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