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15 Beautiful A Line Bob Haircuts 2019

A-line bob hairstyles have been fashionable since the late 2000s, thanks to Victoria Beckham, the best-known exponent of A-line and angled bob haircuts. Nowadays, A-line Bob hairstyles are becoming more versatile, as women can adopt a different style. Therefore, we try to choose a line bob hairstyles that are mostly different from each other.

1. Purple hair

Purple Balayage and beautifully layered A-line Bob hairstyle is a good idea for ladies with thick and dark hair, like this model below:

2. Layered hair

Layering is the key to nicely styled bob hairstyles. As you can see, the layering on the ends is perfect for ladies with thick hair.

3. Hayden Panettiere

Simple angled hairstyle, choppy ends and dark roots are great for blondes with a fine hair type.

4th platinum blond

Thick blond hair would look really flattering and chic with this medium-length, angled bob hairstyle.

5. Blond hair

Here’s a very explicit A-line bob hairstyle idea for women that shows the dark hair color under the blond color.

6. Just Ombre

7. Blonde Balayage Hair 2019

8. Natural hair

9th haircut 2019

10. Blond highlighted

11. Cute hair

12th Fine Hair 2019

13. Short hair

14th praise hair 2019

15. Short Bob


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